August 2020 Newsletter
August 16, 2020

Our annual banquet was a blessing and one of our most successful banquets. It was great to fellowship with you in person and celebrate all that God is doing in Northern IL!Thank you to all our sponsors, auction items, and donations. If you missed out, here are some pictures of our event.

The panelists included high school wrestling coach, a former all-American college wrestler who works with FCA as a volunteer, a high school track, cross country, and basketball player, and an FCA Huddle volunteer leader. 

Our emcee was Scott Leber, sports director for WTVO Rockford

Clatyon Midtsem and Brad Vaudt, who is raising support to come on staff as an area representative.

Our silent auction included many fantastic donations. Many thanks to all the individuals and local businesses who donated to our auction, as well as those who bid on each item.

Dave Dravecky, the keynote was an MLB (major league baseball) All-Star

Please consider investing in FCA as the ministry continues to impact lives in our community. Thank you for your partnership! 
Prayer Request: We have two individuals raising support to soon come on staff as area reps.

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You Are Loved
What if you knew that no matter what you did, your value wouldn’t change? What if you knew that you are already valued and loved, just as you are? What if you recognized God’s heart for you in everything—how you live out your days recognizing everything in Christ?
God, who set the earth on its axis and swung the stars in motion, set His sights on you and smiled. We are human beings created in the image of the triune God, and He was pleased to call His creation very good. (Genesis 1:31)

What To Do When You’re Worried
The times we’re in can leave us trembling and uncertain. We’re shaky as our seasons shift and games get canceled and pushed back, where protocols change day by day. Finger pointing, cheating and having a me-first attitude seems to surround us. It can be easy to survey the world around us and feel worried and anxious, wondering where the light went and when the darkness will try to knock us down.
When we’re faced with fear or uncertainty, we can be tempted to sit down in the middle of the road and throw our hands in the air, wanting to give up. And although pain, disappointment and anxiety are great, there is still purpose to this path we’re on. God is not finished with us yet, and He is drawing us into a closer relationship with Him in the middle of the mess.
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Thank you to our Banquet Sponsors!!

Platinum SponsorsPhil & Karen Guske
Gold SponsorsHelm Group
Bronze SponsorsPinkston-Tadd, Inc